Week 4 of 52 Weeks of Food

Every week, I find myself scouring the net and my recipe books to figure out what to make next. I have two solid partners in crime, my boyfriend and my flatmate. They both love their food and love me, and will eat anything I feed them. And, being that they are foodies, their feedback is honest and constructive.

This week, we felt like seafood and I decided to do prawns. I found this recipe on the Epicurious app, and apart from a few small creative liberties, I just followed the recipe as is.

The outcome was delicious. This tangy tomato and garlic dish with juicy prawns and buttery beans turned out to be quite the heart warmer on a cold Saturday evening. We ate it like a curry/stew, served with a side of garlic bread. It would also work well with pasta or rice.

Here’s the how-to.


Small prawns: 400 grams

Tomatoes: 2 fresh, chopped chunky and one can of crushed tomatoes (you can always just use all fresh tomatoes)

Garlic: 6 cloves, chopped fine.

Chicken or Vegetable Stock: 1 cup

Green chillies: 2, chopped fine, de-seed for less heat. (The original recipe
called for red chilli)

Chilli flakes: 1/2 tspgarlic chilli

Salt: to taste

Pepper: to taste

Oil: 3 tbsp

Coriander: to garnish

Marinate the prawns with chilli flakes, two cloves of finely chopped garlic, salt and pepper.tom sauce

Saute the prawns till they are cooked and keep aside. (The original recipe calls for the prawns to be broiled).

In a wok, add 2 tablespoons of oil, and sauté the chillies and remaining chopped garlic together till fragrant. The garlic should not brown.

To this, add the fresh tomatoes and stir well. After 5 minutes, add the
canned tomatoes. Mix well and cook for about 15 minutes, till the mixture reduces and thickens. Stir occasionally, so the sauce doesn’t stick.

Add the stock and the beans into the tomato sauce and mix well.

final prawnbeanAdd the prawns and mix. Let it cook for 10 minutes so the flavours incorporate.

Add the coriander and serve hot with garlic bread.


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