Week 3 of 52 Weeks of Food

When I told my boyfriend (a burger aficionado) that I was going to attempt to make burgers this week for my 52 weeks of food challenge, he was most enthusiastic. And then proceeded to tell me that HE makes really good burgers.

How’s that for performance pressure?

I, of course, wasn’t content doing a regular burger. So I ambitiously chose a burger stuffed with cheesy, jalapeno goodness. It is, after all, a challenge 😉

P.S. The recipe is a mash up of different YouTube videos.

mince mixHere’s the how-to.


Burger mince: chicken or mutton (your choice)

Onion Powder: 1 tsp

Garlic Powder: 1 tsp

Worcestershire Sauce: 3-4 dashes

Salt: to taste

Pepper: to tastejal mix

For the jalapeno popper stuffing:

Fresh or bottled Jalapenos: 3-4, chopped small

Cream Cheese: 150 grams

Cheddar Cheese: 150 gram, grated

Fillings and sides: Whatever your heart, or stomach fancies.

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Centrigrade.


pattyMix the onion powder, garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper into the mince and mix well.

Mix the cream cheese, cheddar and chopped jalapenos and keep aside.

Measure the mince into small balls. Each patty will require 2 balls.

Flatten the mince balls into patties.

Put a spoon full of the jalapeno cheese mix between two patties and seal the sides with your fingers.

The patties can be cooked on a skillet, pan or a grill.

Cook the patties for 5 minutes on each sides.

Put them on a tray and finish them off in the oven, cooking them for full1 buranother 5 minutes.

Toast the burger buns lightly.

Put the patty on the bun. Top with your choice of fillings. I used bacon and caramelized onions.

Serve with fries and a salad.

P.S. I’m proud to report the burgers were a hit. 🙂

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