Week 20 of 52 Weeks of Food

I’m a big fan of button mushrooms. I love their distinctive buttery flavour, and I love that you can eat mushrooms with almost anything. Having said that, I am not a big fan of Indian mushroom preparations. It just doesn’t compute for me.

This is a lovely mushroom side. Because of it’s rice base, it’s filling and incredibly flavourful. It like a rice salad, and should ideally be eaten with some sort of gravy or saucy dish, because by itself it’s quite dry. One can also leave the rice a little bit sticky as an option. I cooked it to flakiness. It’s delish both ways J


Mushrooms: 300 gms

Rice: 1 cup

Onions: 1 medium, chopped fine

Garlic: 2 cloves, minced

Stock: 1 cup

Butter: One pat (optional)

Green chilli: 1, chopped fine (optional)

Coriander: Small sprig (optional), chopped fine

Salt: To taste

Pepper: To taste

Oil: 1 tbsp


Saute the onions and the garlic till fragrant.

Add the mushrooms and sauté till the mushrooms are almost done.

Add the green chilli, if desired.

Add the coriander, if desired.

Wash and drain the rice.

Add the rice to the mushroom mix.

Stir in with the mushrooms.

Add 1 cup of stock and 1 cup of water for 1 cup of rice.

Add a pat of butter and cover the pan.

Cook till the rice is done.

Fluff the rice with a fork.

Serve as a side with any dish of your choice. We paired it with some pan grilled fish and white sauce.

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