yoga-warriorVeer Bhadrasana or the Warrior is one of my favourite series of power poses. The perfect union of fitness, focus and flexibility. Of course, there are brilliant yogis who make the warriors look effortless. But my traitorous, tight hips make it quite a challenge for me.

The practice of these standing asanas help you build strength and stability, and each of the variations (and their sub variations) has its own entourage of benefits.



Veer Bhadrasana I/Warrior I

This pose works to build hip flexibility and strengthen the legs. It powers up the spine and opens up the upper body.

What to work on: Watch your hips. They can be quite disobedient and tilt to one side instead of staying square to the front. Start high, focus on the position of the hips, shoulders and spine. With time and practice, you’ll look like the kind of warrior history books are written about.

(P.S. Click on the pictures to see the notes better 🙂 )





Veer Bhadrasana II/Warrior II

This asana is also incredible for hip flexibility and standing strength. The entire body needs to work in tandem to achieve perfection in this pose. For someone who’s body is dyslexic at the best of times, I need to work quite hard at this pose.

What to work on: The knee tends to get a little lazy. Again the hips are to blame. When they’re tight, the knee will want to drop towards the big toe. Be strict and show them who is boss. Start high and celebrate every inch you can drop without losing form.



AoKCENmy_3WmET1nNzkos8UrsDh8Gehsc0l2cnAwbLDOVeer Bhadrasana III/Warrior III

This pose is all about strength, balance and focus. It works the muscles of the feet as well as the legs.

What to work on: This pose initially makes you feel like an aircraft in turbulence. Tottery and clumsy. But as you get stronger, it gets easier. And this happens very quickly. The hips tend to tilt to one side rather than stay squared (see the photo above for evidence). Arms can extend long over the head, out to the side (like an aeroplane) or you can keep your palms pressed together in prayer position. Start easy and work your way to length and strength.



Warrior poses have many variations, but for this post, I’ve focussed mainly on these 3 main poses.

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