drink-more-water1When it comes to drinking water, I seem to have permanent amnesia. Thankfully, I have a boyfriend who keeps thrusting a bottle in my face, and a flat mate who asks me, hand-on-hips, if I’ve drunk any water that day, almost everyday. Even my office boy looks disapprovingly at my half-drunk water bottle, and me, as I leave work for the day.

The truth is, even a mild thirst means the body is on the cusp of dehydration. Which means that swig of water I take when I’m gagging for it, is too little, too late. Our bodies have learned accept that they won’t get as much water as they need or deserve. Mine certainly has.

We always hear about the benefits of drinking plenty of water, not so much the harm we do ourselves when we don’t drink enough. Here’s the dry truth.

  • Kidney damage: Not drinking enough means infrequent trips to the loo, and interesting, dark shades of pee. Kidneys aren’t happy when they don’t have the help of water to flush toxins and waste from the body. They are forced to hang on to meager reserves of fluid to maintain bodily function. This could lead to kidney stones, and in the long term, kidney failure.
  • Dry mouth, dry eyes, dry skin… and there’s wrinkles and premature aging to add to the joy.
  • Increased appetite: Those who drink less, eat more. It’s a fact.
  • Mood swings, confusion, anger and depression: As if there isn’t enough of that going around.
  • Bad metabolism and weight gain: Who knew the best place to start a weight loss journey was a bottle of water?
  • Sexual dysfunction: Turns out not drinking enough H2O can be quite a killjoy in the bedroom.
  • Medical issues: From problems as mild and annoying as headaches to more serious and life threatening, such as heart trouble and strokes.
  • Loss of energy, focus and .…. Wait, what was I saying?

P.S. A litre of water was consumed in the writing of this post.

Image source: http://wellness.nmsu.edu/drink-more-water-campaign/

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