For all of you who wonder why I love my job so much, and why I spend a lot of time on the gym floor… look at the fun folk I get to hang out with…

The One Rep Wonder: Well, to say he does only one repetition is unfair. He may only do only one rep of the weights exercise. But he faithfully chases it with 20 repetitions of self-admiring glances in the various mirrors around him. Lift… look, look, look.

Little Ms. Look-at-me: The number of eyeballs she gets is directly proportionate to the calories she burns. When not making a spectacle of herself on the gym floor, she can be found practicing ‘appealing’ work out poses and expressions in front of locker room mirrors.

Muscle Man: This one dresses to impress. Or so he thinks. His V-neck spaghetti tees have put many a hot girl and her cleavage to shame. Unlike the One Rep Wonder, he’s is not content with self-admiration. As is clear from the frequent invitations to feel his muscles.

Ms. McSteamy: She certainly works up a sweat. Her fitness studio of choice is the steam room, and she knows every sizzling secret to weight loss through wet heat therapy.

Mr. Flappy Shorts: He likes to hang loose. He also likes to hang about all over the place. He has never heard of athletic support for men. Or even underwear, it would seem. Things we wish he wouldn’t do: high kicks, knee ups, wide squats and any yoga asana that requires a parting of his legs.

Aunty Q: When she has to know, she has to know. What exercise is this? Why are we doing it? What muscle does it work? How do you spell that? Will it make me lose weight? There is no wrong question. There is no wrong time to ask a question. Etiquette be damned! Exercise can wait. But her thirst for information has to be slaked immediately.

Diet Diva: A is for Atkins, B is for Blood Group Diet… this girl knows everything there is to about diets. She has done them all. An expert. And she’s still 20 kilos overweight.

Wannabe P.T.: Not content with making body himself, he generously offers advice to anyone within earshot. If he’s working out in your vicinity, then rest assured your technique is wrong… but he will correct it; your diet is wrong, but he’ll give you a food plan; your workout partner is wrong… you should work out with him instead; the gym is wrong… you should join the gym he is starting as soon as he gets enough personal training clients.

Now you know… 😉

*Pictures borrowed from and a blog called Wobbly Bloggy… got to love the name 🙂

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