Take a break... workoutThe weather is turning. And there’s the scent of getaway in the air. But does a vacation mean a vacation from your workout routine too? It doesn’t have to… but just like your holiday is a break from regular life, your holiday fitness plan can be a welcome break from your normal workout timetable.

Keeping active during your holiday has its benefits:

  • You’ll have the energy to do more
  • You won’t feel guilty about indulging
  • You’ll stay in a really good mood
  • It’ll help you recover from alcoholic and digestive excesses
  • Getting back to your regular workout won’t seem like so much of a drag

The best way to work the workout into your holiday is to work with what you’ve got.

On the beach? Nothing quite like a run or walk by the sea. It’ll keep you fresh and buzzing for the rest of the day. And will earn you all that lovely seafood and beer you know you’re going to have.

Being a tourist? Ditch the transport, walk the sights. A tour of a museum, browsing the local markets, visiting famous monuments all burn plenty of calories and keep the muscles well oiled.

Try something new.  Learn a local dance, experiment with an adventure sport, ride a mechanical bull (yes, really), etc. If it’s something your body isn’t used to doing, be warned… there might be a little bit of soreness.

Stuck in a hotel? Nothing like plush carpeting to do some surya namaskars or some pushups and ab exercises. Or if you feel really boring, go use the in-house gym.

Of course doing things like lots of shopping and carrying the resulting loot, hefting your own bags instead of relying on a porter, toting a fancy camera with lots of attachments etc., will also work towards working you out on your holiday.

Fitness on a holiday can be fun, and there’s a million ways to do it no matter where you are.

Happy travels 🙂

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