It’s been 2 years since I went on a proper holiday, and every little and not-so-little bit of me has been frenzied with excitement.

For one, I really need the break. Then there’s the fact that I’m visiting a gorgeous new country/continent (Australia) and am really excited about all the sightseeing, yummy food, beaches, blue skies, etc., etc. And I get to do this all with my special someone (who is Australian and is busy showing me the best bits of his home :))

I am indulging in many different ways (Aussie beer is awesome, and the food I’ve sampled, so far, is sinfully and unstoppably good). But I am happy to get my yoga on against the beautiful Australian land and beachscape. That’s one of the things I love about Yoga… you can take it with you.

Yoga is a journey. So it feels only right that it travels with me on my Aussie adventures.

P.S. While I’m down under, I’m also excited to do a photo series that I’m affectionately calling the Downward Dog Down Under series. It sounds so fun, it has to be done.



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