My mom loves telling people I was a fussy eater as a child. I wasn’t fussy about what I wanted to eat. I just didn’t enjoy eating.

I’ve come a long way since then.

I was a teenager when my grandparents moved in with us. And between my grandmother, who loved experimenting with food and my mom, who is the queen of cooking hacks, I learned to fall in love with food. Both the consumption and the preparation of.

My grandma and mom are both brilliant cooks. I have a tough legacy to live up to, but I try.

I fancy myself a pretty decent cook, but I tend to stick to what I’m comfortable with. This is an opportunity for me to widen my repertoire.

52 weeks of food is a simple project. I have challenged myself to cook one new dish every week of this year.

Here are the rules:recipes52a

  • Each dish has to be something I’ve NEVER made before.
  • I have to include at least 5 types of international cuisine.
  • I have to use at least 5 ingredients I have never used before.
  • I must attempt at least 5 desserts.
  • Every post will have the recipe (with due credit) and photographs of the preparation.
  • If I’m travelling and miss a week, I will do two recipes the following week.

Sounds simple enough 🙂

Stay tuned for Week 1.

P.S. Before anyone says that this sounds an awful lot like Julie and Julia, I will admit that that’s where I got the inspiration.

P.P.S. Anyone who wants to share a favourite recipe and help me with my happy food project, please mail me at:

Happy 2017!

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